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This website is meant for miscellaneous use by members of the extended Phi family. Various pages contained here might involve professional, educational and recreational pursuits.

2011-07-19: Updates to main page and bios page.

2007-10-27: Bios and Weddings pages updated regarding Toto and Angela's return to Moncton.

2007-09-09: Somehow the Contact mailform page was malfunctioning - reverting to older code (and performing worse). Page is now working!

2007-08-25: Blog continues to be updated. News and Bios pages finally updated! (Some embarrassing spelling and grammar errors fixed)

2007-01-31: Check blog!

2006-07-30: Angela and Nhat-Viet (a.k.a. "Toto") are moving from Moncton to Halifax! Deadline: August 5.

2006-04-03: Toto's blog is up and running.

2006-03-23: More stuff added (Free stuff, News) or moved around.

2005-11-19: New site layout being planned and applied in rough form.

2005-11-11: New interface planned for the near future.

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