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from Nhat-Viet Phi, alias "Toto"

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Eine kleine Nachtmusik I - Mozart's famous chamber music suite, arranged for four hands. First movement.
Eine kleine Nachtmusik II - Second movement of above.
Eine kleine Nachtmusik III - Third movement of above.
Eine kleine Nachtmusik IV - Fourth and final movement of above. My favorite!
Happy Birthday Deluxe - Celebrate your birth anniversary in style.
Dancing Day Prelude - from John Rutter's famous choral Christmas suite.
Macross Plus Voices - Yoko Kanno's famous piece from the equally famous sci-fi anime. Cello & synth.

Sample PDF scores

Voices, acoustic version - sweet ballad from Macross Plus, for voice and piano (no lyrics included)
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from Angela Mosher Phi

Sample MP3 audio files below. Same conditions apply as above.

Schumann Romance I - some rich Romantic repertoire for flute and piano. Op. 94
Schumann Romance II - as above, next of three in set.


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